Projects financed or developed under the direction of the principal of Censere.

  1. Brookside Estate

    202-unit Brookside Estates part of the 450-unit West Rock neighborhood revitalization project.
     New Haven, CT
  2. Wilmont Crossing

    47-unit, elderly mixed-use development and 9,000 sq ft of commercial space, part of the West Rock Neighborhood Revitalization Progam.
    New Haven, CT
  3. William T. Rowe

    102-unit mixed-use property that includes market rate and assisted housing units and retail space near Yale-New Haven Hospital.
     New Haven, CT.
  4. Rockview Mixed Finance Development

    77-unit mixed-finance development part of the 450-unit West Rock Neighborhood Revitalization Project. New Haven, CT
  5. Quinnipiac Terrace HOPE VI

    Part of a 209-unit neighborhood revitalization project.
    New Haven, CT
  6. Twin Brook

    Twin Brook is a mix of Market Rate and Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) units. Located on Miller's Mews, named to honor the leadership of the founder of Censere. 
  7. Quinnipiac Terrace HOPE VI

    Award-winning HOPE VI development that replaced one of the most distressed public developments in the nation.
  8. Rockview Mixed Development

    77-unit mixed-finance development part of the 450-unit West Rock Neighborhood Revitalization Project New Haven, CT
In The Press 

Ready To Move 

Building This School IS The Point

With a 104-unit replacement building nearly complete, Gilbert Zack is elated about moving out of the aged William T. Rowe high-rise apartments. "We walked through [the new home] for the first
time. . . .  It's beautiful. I loved it,"


-New Haven Register

“The school is being named 
after. . . Jimmy Miller, a local housing authority official who also developed the Dixwell project.”

-New Haven Independent 

Jimmy Miller Moves To Triple Duty

Housing On A Hill

“I could hardly believe I was in the middle of one of New Haven’s largest low-income housing projects the first time I went to Quinnipiac Terrace. . . . I didn’t think it possible that this charming neighborhood. . . be government-owned property."   

-The Yale Herald 

“In his new role, Miller will take the lead on redeveloping Bridgeport’s Marina Village, an effort that has taken a long time to get off the ground.” 

-New Haven Independent 

Housing Authority 

9-Story Tower near Yale New Haven 

"provide program management services through members of its staff who possess the requisite knowledge and experience to provide such services to AHA for the redevelopment of Riverside.”

-New Haven Independent 

The proposed $40 million project would provide 52 affordable rental units, with 39 units large enough for tenants with special needs. . . . "Our goal is to develop the site to be more conducive to housing for our residents," Miller said.

-New Haven Register

“The real success of Q Terrace extends far beyond the borders of the neighborhood itself. . . "   -The Yale Herald